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At Canterbury Tuition Centre, we love learning. We believe that everyone can reach their potential, with a bit of application. We welcome children and adults of all abilities and at most educational levels. For more information click on the type of tuition you require:

11 Plus


A Level



Canterbury Tuition Centre - 11 Plus

11 Plus Private Tuition

CTC provides one-to-one, private tuition for students taking the 11 Plus. These lessons are tailored to the specific needs of each student. Homework is provided to help refine and improve the skills learned during CTC lessons. We provide weekly, written feedback to parents in order to ensure they are fully aware of their child's progress. We also offer parents advice on how best to prepare their child and supply a booklet containing all you need to know about taking the test.

Canterbury Tuition Centre - 11 Plus

11 Plus Group Classes

CTC is now offering group lessons in 11 Plus subjects. Students benefit from the teaching and resources offered to privately tutored children, but in a dynamic group setting. 


11 Plus Mocks & Courses

CTC runs a series of mock tests throughout the year. These are based on the content and timing of the Kent Test.

Specialist 11 Plus revision courses are either one or two days long. One day courses cover Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Two day courses focus on all four of the main subjects covered in the 11 Plus: Maths, English, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. CTC mixes classroom presentation style with fun games, activities and group work to revise all the key aspects of the 11 Plus.

GCSE and A Level

English & History Tuition

English and History are essay-based topics. Many students can find them overwhelming. Exam technique can be particularly troublesome. CTC provides one-to-one tuition in both subjects. We utilise past papers and fun learning and practice activities to help students improve their skills.


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What parents say...

"I would recommend CTC again and again"

"My son, Leo, enjoyed every minute of his learning with Dr Thornton. Dr Thornton made the learning fun and enjoyable. I would recommend CTC again and again. I will be using CTC for my other children - definitely. Leo has excelled with Dr Thornton's help and teaching. I cannot speak highly enough nor give enough praise. Thank you!"

Mrs Pynn, 11 Plus Parent

"...truly suited our children's needs"

 "Our children have engaged with CTC. To the credit of CTC, CTC's approach to teaching and their friendly, approachable outlook has truly suited our children's needs."

Mrs Dorr, KS3 Parent

"...flexible, reliable, fun and supportive!"

"I can't recommend Joanna highly enough - brilliant teaching, flexible, reliable, fun and supportive!"

" whilst learning"

"My son loved his tutoring and had fun whilst learning. He would never have achieved his grades without the help he had from CTC. I would recommend it to anyone looking for tutoring for their child."

Mr Smith, GCSE Parent

"...engaged him wonderfully in his learning..."

“We are so grateful to Joanna for the tuition she gave our son for the Kent Test. She engaged him wonderfully in his learning and he loved attending his sessions. The weekly feedback reports were so invaluable, and he was so prepared for the actual day itself, with the wonderful outcome of passing with a fantastic score. Thank you so much Joanna, I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Canterbury Tuition Centre.”

Mrs Lewis, 11 Plus Parent

Ms Bicker, 11 Plus Parent

What students say...

"...helped me focus..."

'The approach helped me focus my erratic questioning and "made the penny drop" consistently'. 

Joe, Open University Student

"...greatly improved my knowledge"

 "As a young student, I appreciate CTC's approach to learning and teaching. It has greatly improved my knowledge."

"It was fun"

"I liked tutoring. It was fun. You're epic! My level has gone up dramatically."

Oreon, 11 Plus Student

Adam, GCSE student




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