11 Plus Private Tuition

If you want to give your child a head start with the 11 Plus, we welcome children at any time of the year and for as long as they feel they need extra help. CTC will tailor a programme specific to the needs of your child and will work each week to improve their chance of success. We make lots of our own worksheets and papers - so you know you're not getting the same, old papers!

Not only do we offer tuition, but there is homework to help refine and improve skills learned during CTC classes. We also offer parents advice on how best to prepare your children and supply a booklet with all you need to know about taking the test.

Give us a call today, we'll book you in for your free, no-commitment consultation. Come and meet us and see if we're a good fit for you and your child.

Price: £40.00 per lesson

Discount: Book 12 hours of lessons and receive a 10% discount - £36.00 per lesson

11 Plus Private Tuition

11 Plus Group Classes


We're offering our expert tuition in a group environment. Weekly classes start in October/November 2019. Your child can come along to a lesson on the different types of questions included in the Kent Test, practise those questions and have fun learning. Classes last for 50 minutes. 

The new group classes are designed to help students who want to learn in a more sociable and less intense environment, at a more affordable price. 

Price: £20.00 per lesson

Canterbury Tuition Centre - 11 Plus Groups

11 Plus Mock Tests

Throughout the year, we run a series of mock tests. We offer these to help your child fully prepare for the test experience.

  • The mock tests CTC administer are based on Kent Test papers and follow the same timing and structure as the 11 Plus.

  • Children will be given two tests: one on Maths and English, and one on Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Each test will last for one hour. There will be a 15-minute break between tests. Tests will be invigilated by tutors who have DBS checks and who teach 11 Plus topics.

  • Test conditions will be observed on the day. All students will submit their answers via multiple choice answer sheets. Each student will be given a pupil registration number and seat number to mimic the procedure of the Kent Test.

  • Test results will be available within 48 hours of the test. Comprehensive feedback on the results will be available no longer than seven days after the date of the test.

Canterbury Tuition Centre Mock Papers

Click here to see a full list of MOCK DATES.

Price: £100.00

CTC Discount: For existing CTC students £90.00

A deposit of £45 is payable when booking your place on an 11 Plus Mock. This deposit is non-refundable. The full cost of the mock will be due one week before the date of the mock.

11 Plus Courses

Here at CTC, we understand that preparing your child for the 11 Plus can be tricky. Why not make the most of one of our revision courses? Each course is two days long and we run them every half term and holiday between September and the 11 Plus (we allow students a break at Christmas!).

Over the two days your child will receive intensive coaching on the type of questions featured on the test. They will be given plenty of practice material and thoroughly encouraged. Children are welcomed, given tips and prepared for what exactly to expect on the day - which can be very scary. All key areas of study are re-capped and practised thoroughly. We also introduce quizzes and games to make revising a little more fun!

Click here to see a full list of COURSE DATES.

Price: £275.00 per student, per course

Discount: Sign up for CTC lessons after the course and receive a FREE LESSON

A deposit of £50 is payable when booking your place on an 11 Plus course. This deposit is non-refundable. The full cost of the course will be due one week before the date of the first day of the course.

CTC - 11 Plus Summer School.png

11 Plus Assessments

We can help give you an idea of what areas of the 11 Plus your child excels in, and which aspects might need a little extra attention. The assessment involves two hours' worth of tests, designed to include all major areas: English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning (including Spatial Reasoning). We make notes on how your child approaches certain types of questions, their attention span and their attitude. Your child will have a short, five-minute break every 25 minutes. We play games in the breaks to keep the experience as enjoyable as possible!

Once the test is done, and the scary stuff is over, CTC will send you a complete breakdown of marks, will advise on which subjects or topics your child needs to work, and will also provide tips and hints to help your child progress. 

Price: £80.00

Canterbury Tuiion Centre - Assessment Papers



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